Nuprene Bags

Waterproof, Durable, Fashion-Forward

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Discover the unmatched durability and innovative design of Nuprene Bags, quickly becoming the go-to accessory brand for fashion and travel aficionados worldwide. Crafted from high-quality neoprene material, these bags are celebrated for their waterproof, oil-resistant, and heat-resistant properties, making them perfect for a variety of settings—from outdoor adventures to daily urban use.

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₱880- ₱3,500

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Versatile for Every Lifestyle

Nuprene Bags are designed to accommodate every lifestyle, whether you’re a student, professional, or adventurer. These bags promise to enhance your daily routine or travel experiences with their waterproof durability and trendy designs. Available in backpacks, totes, mini travel bags, and more, there’s a Nuprene bag to suit all your needs.

Quality and Sustainability

Nuprene stands out not just for their durability but also for their commitment to eco-friendliness. Made from recyclable neoprene, these bags offer a stylish, sustainable choice for consumers who care about the environment. Opt for Nuprene for a bag that’s as responsible as it is reliable.

Why Choose Nuprene Bags?

Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures every Nuprene bag meets the highest standards:

Water-Resistant Properties

Ideal for any weather condition or setting, offering ultimate protection for your belongings.

Lightweight and Flexible

Perfect for everyday use, providing comfort without compromising on style.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Made from recyclable materials, supporting a more sustainable future.

Diverse Designs

With a range of colors and styles, Nuprene Bags cater to every taste and lifestyle, ensuring you don’t have to choose between functionality and fashion.

Crafted with Precision and Style

Whether you’re seeking a bag for work, travel, or leisure, Nuprene offers options that exceed expectations in both form and function.


Nuprene Bags are crafted from high-quality, waterproof neoprene material, offering durability, style, and versatility for any occasion.

Yes, Nuprene Bags are made from recyclable neoprene, emphasizing sustainability in our manufacturing process.

Nuprene Bags are easy to maintain; simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or machine wash on a gentle cycle for a deeper clean.

Nuprene Bags are available on our official website and select online retailers, offering a wide range of styles and designs.

Yes, we offer a warranty on Nuprene Bags against manufacturing defects, ensuring customer satisfaction and product quality.