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Introducing Tigernu bags – the perfect choice for practical travelers! Having established a reputation for innovation over the past ten years, Tigernu has become a globally recognized brand in the bag industry. Their designs seamlessly combine functionality and contemporary fashion, guaranteeing that you can embark on any adventure with both confidence and style.

From daily commutes to globetrotting escapades, Tigernu bags are crafted to withstand life’s demands. Price points range from ₱500 to ₱2,500, there’s a Tigernu bag to suit every budget and passion.

Fast Facts:

  • 250K+ glowing reviews worldwide
  • Lightning-fast shipping to your doorstep
  • Robust 3-year warranty for peace of mind
  • Hassle-free 30-day returns policy
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₱500 – ₱2,500

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Pioneering Anti-Theft Innovation

In 2012, Tigernu revolutionized bag security by introducing the first double-layer anti-theft zipper system. Fast forward to today, they’ve secured over 200 global patents for their cutting-edge protection features. Tigernu bags aren’t just carriers – they’re personal bodyguards for your valuables.

Explore Without Limits

City streets or rugged trails, Tigernu has you covered. Their extensive collection caters to every lifestyle and adventure, from sleek laptop backpacks for urban explorers to durable hiking packs for outdoor thrill-seekers. No matter where your journey takes you, Tigernu bags are trusty sidekicks, ready to carry your world.

Why Choose Tigernu Bags?

Tigernu delivers unparalleled functionality and style, tailored for the modern individual.

Durability Meets Design

Crafted from premium water-resistant polyester and reinforced nylon, Tigernu bags blend robust construction with ergonomic designs. They’re tough enough for the wilderness, yet stylish enough for the concrete jungle.

Eco-Conscious Craftsmanship

We’re committed to sustainability, using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing practices. Tigernu bags are kind to the planet and your conscience.

Variety for Every Lifestyle

From backpacks to messengers, laptop bags to duffels, Tigernu’s diverse range ensures there’s a perfect companion for any occasion or need.

Innovative Security Features

With hidden compartments, slash-proof fabrics, and proprietary anti-theft technologies, Tigernu bags keep your belongings safe from harm’s way.

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ready to carry your world

At Tigernu, we’re crafting tomorrow’s classics – bags that combine safety, versatility, and a craftsman’s spirit of excellence. We’re dedicated to helping you live a worry-free, adventurous life with gear you can trust.


Tigernu offers a wide range of bags to suit different budgets, with prices typically falling between ₱500 to ₱2,500.

You can purchase authentic Tigernu bags through their official store or from authorized retailers in your area.

Tigernu is a pioneer in anti-theft bag technology, having introduced the first double-layer anti-theft zipper system. With over 200 global patents, their bags feature innovative security solutions to keep your belongings safe.

Yes, all Tigernu bags come with a robust 3-year warranty, demonstrating their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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